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London Taxi & Mini cabs

In London, there is a reason why Minicabs are commonly used as the means of transport among residents and tourists. This is for the reason that they do offer quick, private and at times friendly services. For full satisfaction with these services, there various factors that you need keep in mind before using the minicabs services

There are a few selections that you can make while booking for a minicab service. You visit the company’s website and make a reservation online, contact the operator to get you through to a minicab service company or contact the minicab office directly. Entering search terms like “mini cabs Heathrow taxi” in search engines can lead you to the page that you want. You will be asked for personal details after calling to make a booking. Expect to be asked questions like your name, address, where you will be going, and if you require any special facilities like a wheel chair.

If you want to make your whole procedure effective, there are various issues that you need to know about for it to succeed. These are like;

  • First and foremost, before you board a minicab, please note that it has a yellow sticker at the front which is supposed to be there in every official minicab. This sticker will assure you that the minicab is safe and permitted, meaning the passenger should be at ease and can travel in confidence.
  • Try and avoid booking during peak times lest it’s completely compulsory. This will hinder you any kind of disappointments like not being able to reserve a car at the specific time you will require.
  • Traveling in group of people can save you a lot of money. This is because you can share the fair price for one person, making it economical for everyone especially if it’s a long journey.

Important things to note before booking for a mini cab service;

  • Make sure you book all your mini cabs through their central office. This will help both you and us as the company to keep records of everything in instances where something may happen. It also makes sure that you will be given the assured value of services that the company is offering.
  • It is also important that you ask any significant information that you’d think for regarding your journey. You may ask the details about your driver, the make, the model or the color of the car that you will use, and also the likely arrival time. With this information, it will be simpler and more secure for you travel with us.
  • It is important that you keep your money closer so that you can make the payment nice and easily.
  • Be watchful of any dishonest minicabs for your own safety. Whenever you are offered for a lift with a minicab, please note that it’s phony. Minicabs are not allowed to do so. Also when you are picked up by a driver, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Do not dilly-dally if there is any chance for distress.

Most importantly, delight in your Journey. 

Heathrow Taxi London

Heathrow taxi service comes in handy in situations where you want to enter or leave London. They are devoted in making your destination relaxed and economical at the same time.

East London Minicabs deliver Heathrow taxi services, which are assures remarkable and useful services that will get you to and from the airport.

Other services

Heathrow taxi could be the most convenient way of commuting to and fro from the airport, but it is still the most costly. The average taxi fares are lies between £40 – £60. Other services that in the airport for commuting are like;

  • Heathrow Express- that charges £52 return ticket for an adult. It is the airport’s own train service that targets to take you to London from Heathrow in 15 minutes and it is also assured to be at the platform every 15 minutes.
  • Local Coach Services- the usual price for one-way journey on coach £22.50 whereby it commutes from Heathrow Airport to London’s Victoria Coach station.
  • The London Underground- Heathrow has a station close to each of its terminals where the train runs at every 5 minutes intervals in peak times and 9 minutes during off peak. Normally the journey takes 50 to 60 minutes and this can alter due to unexpected situations. It is recommended to always check the status of the train services that you’d use at the Transport for London site.
  • Shuttle bus services – they can take you directly to the hotel that you may have already booked. Some hotels make arrangements for you to be picked up so it’s advisable you know exactly what time is set for that. Due to regular price alterations, make sure you compare prices with the Heathrow Hotel through Airport Hotel Shop, since it always has lists exhibited all over airport. 

Why Heathrow Taxi services?

The number of benefits of using Heathrow taxi services is endless. Here are a few reasons why Heathrow taxi services are better than other traveling services;

  •  It is private; you do not have to share your travelling space with other people (strangers)
  •  Comfort; When it comes to cosiness, it is the best option for you to choose. Why squeeze in a public means with all that jet lag
  •  Convenience; accessibility is the key where you are free to make a few stop overs before you reach your destination
  •  Safety; you will surely feel safe and also see your luggage is in safety as well
  •  Special services; there is exceptional service for special situations like when in need of a wheel chair


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